Balloon Typhoon

These new inflatables are becoming very popular especially for the younger ones.

It is a dome filled with air and the customer puts in lots of balloons.

We supply 100 balloons in the Hire charge (others can be supplied @ 10 per 100)). 

The windows are clear so the parents can see the kids inside.

  Also supplied is an electric balloon pump (to save your puff!).

Here is a list of games that can be played;


 Fill the Typhoon with 20-30 balloons. Give the group of 3, 4 or 5 children 3 minutes (or 3-6 minutes if there is no queue) to catch and hold onto all of the balloons possible. Keeping hold of them whilst trying to catch some more is very difficult!


 Put one small wrapped sweet inside a balloon. The first child to catch it must keep hold of it and bring it out at the end of the two minutes.


 Use 20-30 different coloured balloons and instruct the children to catch only a particular colour etc. Yellow, blue, red etc.


 inflate only one balloon of a certain colour amongst 30 of other colours and tell the children to catch that one balloon.


 Write their name on a balloon or attach a label. They have to catch their own balloon and hold on to it and take it home later.


 One child sits in the middle of the typhoon while all the others try to catch on to all the balloons and give them to the seated child, who has to hold onto all of them.


 Write successive numbers on the balloons. The children have to catch them in the right order. 1, 2, 3 etc.

Or make a game up of your own, its great FUN ! !

See Price List for Hire cost.