All of our Inflatables are tested to comply with the European & British standard BS EN 14960: 2013.

What do you class as a day hire?

A day hire would normally mean a delivery in the morning (AM) till 5pm although we can extend this time slightly if say for example your party finishes at 5-30 or 6pm. Also if your party is due to start say at 10am in the morning please tell us when you book and we will make sure your inflatable arrives on time.

What do you class as a day & evening hire?

AM delivery till dark although if you are booking adult equipment we can extend the hire time.

What do you class as an evening booking?

For an evening booking we will guarantee delivery to you before 5pm till dark or later if you are booking an adult inflatable. (but don't be surprised if the inflatable turns up before than 5pm if the driver is in your area early).

Last time we hired an inflatable on a day hire it was not collected till 8pm! why is this?

We say a day hire guarantees up until 5pm, as this is the time our drivers start their collections, in some cases where a lot of inflatables have to be collected our drivers can take some time to get around all of the address's they have. (so if you only book a days hire you will only pay for a days hire even if our drivers collect later into the evening).

I'm holding my party at our village hall, can you deliver at 2pm and collect at 4-30pm?

Yes, all deliveries to halls and fetes ect. will take priority over our deliveries and collections, because we understand that you have to return keys ect. (for example if your fete finishes at 4pm, we will not expect you to wait around for us).

What if it is raining on the day of my hire?

We will always turn up with the inflatable if we feel it is safe to. (although if you wish to cancel due to the weather, we will not charge you providing you have not already taken delivery).

How do I pay for my hire?

Our drivers will expect payment on DELIVERY. Although you can send payment before if you wish.

Do you set the inflatable up for us?

Yes the price your quoted includes delivery, set-up and pack-away. (some area's do carry a delivery charge, please ask when booking).

Can an Inflatable be set up outside on a hard surface (i.e. concrete)?

Yes, we can set up on this type of surface as long as you let us know when you book so as we can supply groundsheets, safety mats and sand bags for anchorage. (there may be a charge for safety mats, but not for sand bags and groundsheets). Please note: We may not be able to set the Inflatable up with sand bags in strong winds.

Can an Inflatable be set up on sand?

No! Sand is very abrasive and can damage an Inflatable, please bear this in mind if you have a sand pit in your garden as the children may try and take the sand onto the Inflatable.

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have cover up to 10,000,000 (ten million pounds).

I am a private householder with contents insurance - do I need any other insurance?

No, your household policy covers you for all the activities arising from use of inflatable bouncy castle or similar equipment, provided:-

(a) they are your private guests

(b) you do not charge or receive any commercial returns.